Red Dog

Red Dog

BBQ boffins, Kilkeel

Kilkeel based and ex-Californian couple Barbara-Ann and Paul VanGelder have always had a passion for BBQ, and more importantly traditional American BBQ and everything (on the side) that goes with it!

So the story of Red Dog began, as the couple came home to Barbara-Ann's native Ireland some years ago having travelled extensively through Kansas City, Texas, New Orleans, Memphis and other Western States (with their little Red Dog!), collecting the secrets from the best grillers, smokers and sauce makers around! And during this period they began to experiment, perfecting their own sauces, salts, dry rubs and chilli jellies. So having hit Kikeel they got to work, honing the finest local ingredients along with America's finest to produce a range of condiments that will blow your socks a good way!



Blas na hÉireann Awards - Silver 2015, Nori infused Sea Salt

Great Taste Awards – 1 Gold Star 2014, Nori Infused Sea Salt

Great Taste Awards – 1 Gold Star 2013, Dragons Breath: Ginger, Star Anise and Chili Jelly

Great Taste Awards – 1 Gold Star 2013, Fresh Mint Chili Jelly

Great Taste Awards – 2 Gold Stars 2011, Sour Cherry Chili Jelly

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